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Hi, I'm Loic JOE

Full Stack Web Developer

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Full Stack Web Developer


Web Developer, Web Designer, Body Builder, Gamer.

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HTML5 90%
CSS3 80%
Less 75%
Javascript 80%
PHP 70%
MySQL 80%
JQuery 70%
Bootstrap 50%
Wordpress 50%

Hello there, my name is Loïc JOE. I'm a 25 year old technophile from the Beautiful Island of Saint-Martin.

Here on my portfolio you will get to know a little about me, about the projects I've worked on, about projects I'm still working on, on the technologies i'm currently learning etc.

I believe when working with tech, One is never done learning, And in fact, in life itself One should never stop learning and trying to better themselves and the world around them.

I grew up on the Island of Saint-Martin with a passion for computers and technology. Very little tech is used here and I believe a lot of workload could be eased if we were to use technology more often. Automating tasks could save you minutes daily and hours annually.

This is why I became a Developer, to try to aid and Develop my Island.

On another note, I'm a full stack developer meaning I can code the front and back end of a website.

I code because I enjoy solving problems, every application built or waiting to be built is a problem waiting to be solved.

I practice responsive design, meaning any application I make adapts itself to your screen size be it Mobile, Tablet or Desktop, no need to ZOOM IN to read on your mobile devices.

I'm currently available for Hire.

Hire me !

Personal Information

Full Name :
Loïc JOE
Birthday :
March 15th 1993
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2017 – 3W Academy : Web Development Bootcamp

2014 – University Antilles Guyanes : Licence LLCER

2012 – Lycée Polyvalent des Iles du Nord : Baccalauréat Scientifique

Professional Skills

Front End Development

Back End Development

PC Configuration & Assembly

Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Office

A+ Qualifications





Projects I've worked on

Art gallery for twitch streamer Sarisa
Click to visit the page
Profile card with a flip effect.
Hover to see what I mean.
Responsive Design.
Try it out.
Profile cards with social links.
Check it out.
Javascript clock.
Check it out.
Parallax effect.
Check it out.
Countdown timer
Input a date and time then observe what happens.
Very basic 2 operand calculator.
Try it out.

Projects I'm currently working on

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Any ideas, No matter how vague. Just do it!

JOE Loic

Saint-Martin, 97150
0690 77 60 56